Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    

Success Stories


“Buster has been a great addition to our family! Every day now he is alerting us to either a low or high blood sugar. Our son’s A1C dropped 1.2 points in three months, with no change in our diabetes management except Buster’s alerts. He is so gentle with the boys – it is a relief to have another set of eyes helping us with our son’s diabetes.”


Duke is Rebecca’s buddy and has exceeded her mom and dad’s expectations. At the Chicagoland Speedway during an Indy car race, they were able to meet Danica Patrick. While she and Duke enjoyed their brush with fame, Rebecca did worry whether the sound of the cars would hurt Duke’s ears. (Thankfully, they did not!)


Nikko has been instrumental in helping Becky enjoy college and lead a life that most college students takes for granted: one of independence.  Nikko is a great companion, and a watchful guardian who will be helping Becky long after her college years are over.  Now if she can just get him to help her pay back that student loan...


Oz, much like his namesake, is great AND powerful.  He’d have to be to keep up with his owner, Toni.  Whether he’s sitting in a college lecture hall, or keeping her in his sights ringside at the roller derby, Oz is always watching.


Jazz has been working with Winter for a couple of years now, and although she was skeptical about taking Winter with her everywhere she went, now can’t imagine ever leaving her at home! Jazz has helped Winter stabilize her highs and lows, and has been a great source of relief and security for her and her husband. And she’s adorable, too!  What a bonus!   


Although Hank never went to college, he can be found in some very impressive board rooms and offices.  His owner, Dan, doesn’t hesitate to take him with him into meetings with him, whether he has to take a car or a plane to get there. Sadly, Hank probably isn’t eligible for frequent flier miles.


Dott has a great new little buddy and cheerleader in her new owner, Charlie (and Charlie’s mom and dad).  Dott follows Charlie everywhere:  in the sandbox, on the slide, to sleep and night, and even to the 4th of July parade. Charlie keeps Dott busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  And neither would Charlie’s mom and dad. 


Good thing Nash likes baseball, basketball, and football.  Why?  Because his owner, Cody, plays them all!  Oh, and he’s GOOD at them all!  So even though Nash wants to follow Cody onto the field or court, he’ll have to settle for sitting on the sidelines and being Cody’s biggest fan.  Maybe he can teach him to cheer?