Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    



We realize that every client’s financial situation is different.  To accommodate as many clients as possible, we offer several methods of payment.  We can work with you to set up a payment plan, help you with financing, or provide the assistance of our professional fundraiser. 

Letha Keslar, ASD, Inc.’s Fundraising Coordinator, has 15-plus years of experience working with various organizations in a fundraising and consulting capacity. She’s highly proficient in providing advice that is grounded in years of experience in fundraising success. Our team is backed by a high success rate creating manageable fundraising plans that include timelines and goals.

ASD, Inc. can help you: 

    • raise more money.
    • learn new fundraising strategies.
    • ask a fundraising expert your questions.
    • gain access to advice and information about fundraising techniques, prospects, and services.

We can customize our core services to best meet your needs. We can also go beyond these traditional services to create solutions tailored to you, or your organization’s, special situations.  If you’re open to suggestions for assistance, we’re here to help!

Boarding/Refresher training:

If you’re ever in need of a trusted place to leave your Diabetic Alert Dog, we can accommodate boarding requests for ASD, Inc. dogs. Because of limited space, we are unable to accommodate other family dogs at this time.

Because we strive to find that exact date when a pup has matured enough to maintain scent training and obedience while balancing the need to get your dog to you as quickly as possible, there may be a need, at some point, for refresher training. Dogs, not unlike humans, need different things at different times in their lives. Throughout their growth cycle from puppy to young adult, their training needs change dramatically. Just because your dog has been delivered doesn’t mean that he’s finished learning and growing! 

If there is ever a time that you feel like your dog needs a bit of refreshing in one area or another after delivery, please call us. We do provide the opportunity for your dog to spend time with a trainer to brush-up on existing skills, or learn new ones, as well!