Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    

Practices & Processes

Scent work

Our pups are exposed and imprinted to scent when they are just weeks old. Since dogs will fall back on experiences and exposures they have from a very young age, we take full advantage of this sponge-like learning period to build specific associations and reactions to blood sugar changes.



Pups, much like children, go through various growth stages as they become young adults. During this time, it’s easy to harness and encourage the drive and confidence it takes to become a good diabetic alert dog. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to destroy those crucial traits, especially if you’re not familiar with the specifics of how to work and train scenting dogs.


Mistakes add additional time to an already lengthy waiting period. Re-training can prove unsuccessful, and may require the replacement of the original puppy. Our structured protocols and training timelines were created and adjusted to minimize these variances, and our experienced trainers, with decades of scent work between them, recognize issues quickly. This helps us to stay on track with our delivery timelines, and to produce solid, strong, confident working dogs.

Scent training is completed in as many public venues as possible, with as many distractions as possible, at all hours of the day and night. While no one should guarantee that a dog will alert while sleeping, we do proof our dogs on scent work while sleeping prior to delivery.