Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    

Practices & Processes


All of our dogs go through a basic, solid foundation obedience program.  While it’s unrealistic to think that a dog will never have to be corrected or reminded of what is expected of them, we strive to provide a dog that will need minimal corrections. 

Maintenance is key:  new owners/handlers must be able to provide strong and consistent guidance, praise and corrections when necessary. We will provide you with all of the information you need to control your dog.  It’s imperative for the dog’s success to ensure that all family members are committed to the dog’s success, and a high level of consistency is maintained.

It is critical to remember that a Diabetic Alert Dog is not a pet.  It will not behave like one.  It should not be treated as one.  This is a hard distinction to make for many people, but it’s critical to the dog and client’s bonding and success as a working dog team.  We will help you understand the difference between the two, and help you understand what to expect from a working dog.