Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    

Practices & Processes


The training methodology that Alert Service Dogs utilizes is based on decades of professional scent and obedience work. Our trainers have spent years refining the scent training process that we put each dog through from the moment they begin our program, until the day they are delivered to our clients. Scent work is, by far, the most critical component of a successful Diabetic Alert Dog. 
Combined with a solid obedience foundation program created specifically for our diabetic alert dogs by our trainers, our dogs are both skilled and easy to live with.  We are very aware that families that deal with diabetes already have significantly demands in their lives, and are very careful to make sure our dogs are old enough, and mature enough, to be successful tools.  That means: 

  • Our dogs are mature enough not to need constant retraining.

  • Our dogs are primarily trained to scent, and secondarily trained to be obedient.  That way, the dog will always fall back on his scent work. 

  • Our dogs have solid foundations in obedience.  You need only to reinforce the good habits and manners that your dog has been taught.