Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    



What breed of dog will I get? We typically work with dogs that have a natural ability for scenting work, as well as a good working-dog ethic. Because of their proven track record, we use Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Border Collies.

How old will my dog be when I get him? This is a question we cannot answer. There is not a prescribed age upon which your dog will be delivered. Rather, your dog will be delivered when he’s mature, working predictably, and his obedience is reliable. All three of these factors need to be present for us to make delivery, as it’s not fair to you or the dog to try to deliver him before all of those conditions have been met. We will certainly keep you posted on your dog’s progress so that you generally know when to expect delivery.

Can I take my dog into public places? Yes. Your Diabetic Alert Dog is considered a service dog by the ADA, and is protected under the umbrella of a service dog. Please visit the ADA website for full details, including rights and limitations.

What if someone tries to make us leave a public place? If you encounter people that are unaware of your rights under the ADA, we recommend that you politely inform them that your dog is a service dog, and he is allowed by federal law to accompany you. Know your rights. We recommend that you carry a copy of the federal mandate with you at all times, and offer to produce that copy if the manager/owner/worker would like to see it. Remember that you’re setting a precedent for all of the service dog handlers that come after you. Retain your composure for your sake, and your dog’s sake!

What if people want to pet my dog while we’re out in public? If you own a service dog, chances are that people may be drawn to it. You’ll experience every kind of reaction: those people that want to pet your dog, (and will reach to pet your dog with our without your permission), those who are afraid of your dog, and those who are offended by your dog. Your best response will be one that is polite, yet to the point, for each of these situations. We can help you script those responses accordingly. .

Why are dogs so expensive? From the time they can leave their mothers, puppies spend every single day and night with a trainer. Training Diabetic Alert Dogs is incredibly labor intensive and time consuming. While it doesn’t look like work when you see a service dog in training out in public, those trainers are constantly socializing, teaching, creating work opportunities, caring for, and exercising dogs. It’s a job that doesn’t end when the clock strikes 5:00! We are working dogs, in various stages of development, around the clock- 24/7, until they are delivered to you. We will provide you with a cost breakdown upon contract signature.

What if I need a Diabetic Alert Dog, but I can’t afford one? Talk to us. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and have several ways to help pay for an ASD, Inc. Diabetic Alert Dog. We’re here to help!