Sugar Sniffing Dogs / Scent Training, and Obedience    

Practices & Processes

Choosing the right puppy

Description: Baby Dare.jpgDesensitization and socialization is critical for our pups, as they need to fluently perform their duties with the distractions of everyday life.  Because the lifestyle and environments that our dogs will be placed in vary dramatically from client to client, we expose our dogs to new situations and environments constantly. 

We choose our pups very carefully to ensure that they’re good candidates for the demands of being a working diabetic alert dog.  This isn’t a job for just any dog, which is why the trainers at ASD, Inc. will choose the correct puppy with your family, your needs, and your lifestyle in mind.  Our puppies are carefully selected from successful breeding lines to ensure health, temperament, and trainability.    We maintain strong working relationships with our breeders to ensure our puppies’ long term success. 

We don’t breed our own dogs, which allows us to stay objective about the puppies we see.  We realize that puppies, like people, have different strengths.  It takes very special dog to become a Diabetic Alert  Dog, and we have very  specific requirements that we look for in puppies. This results in only the best-suited pups from each litter being selected as a prospective Diabetic Alert Dog for ASD, Inc.  after extensive testing.

Because there may not be a litter of pups immediately available for us to choose from when we receive a contract for a puppy, there may be a bit of an additional waiting period to receive a puppy at certain times during the year.  Prices also vary by breeder, and may add additional cost.